Friday’s Brew

On Friday I’ll be brewing up a batch of 100% Brett (WLP644) Rye IPA that I’ve had in mind for a month or so now. Discussion on Homebrewtalk forums about grain bill here:

My co-brewer will be my good friend Joseph who is hitting town for the weekend and seems excited about brewing with me. I’m thinking I’ll hop it up with Nelson Sauvin & Citra because those tropical notes should play well with the light pineapple flavors the yeast will hopefully kick off. But I usually make my hop schedules while I’m mashing and I want Joe involved in hop selection, so if he likes something else in my freezer then we’ll use it.

In other news, I threw 4oz of dry hops into my 6/27 Nelson Pale & I’m cooling 12.1oz of invert sugar to throw into my 6/23 100% Brett C Tripel. I will of course share the recipes if these batches turn out good.

Also checked in on the wild 4 gallons of my 6/14 Dubbel. Looking awfully wild. This is a Belgian Dubbel that I let run on WLP500 for 4 days & then added sugar along with a stepped up dregs mix of Chimay, Stillwater, Goose Island, & Jolly Pumpkin. It’s smelling very Jolly-esque. Not a clue when it’ll be ready to bottle.


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