English IPA Recipe Formulation

My first beer inspired by this project will be an English IPA. The appeal being that an IPA style beer is relatively in my wheelhouse and the ideal fermentation temps are 68ish. My thermostat is set at 70-72 most of the time (to my lovely girlfriend’s dismay) so a swamp cooler/guest room bathtub could be the ticket.

I love big fruity hops and clean malt bills on my IPAs, so this will indeed force me to open my drinking mind a little. My beers are my babies. I have to love them. Even if they have too much backbone, less than exciting hops & not nearly enough dry hop character. I see I’m selling this style well!

I’m awfully tempted to stick to Jamil Zainasheff’s recipe from Brewing Classic Styles or use an award winner from Homebrewtalk.com forums straight up. No tweaks. Find a baseline.

I don’t know. We shall see.  It’s very difficult for me not to insist on putting my mark on anything I brew, but with styles like this I’m very tempted to go by the book the first time. Surely I could sneak in a little Nelson Sauvin though!

I’ll continue to update as the formulation process moves along. Here are a few links that I’ve found helpful.



Yooper’s EIPA recipe: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/need-good-english-ipa-recipe-local-competition-220761/

Award winner from mrbowenz: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/anyone-brewed-ipa-ekg-140192/

Below are my notes so far. You can see where I started debating what style to do and went for the higher fermentation temp. You can also see my blog-related to do list & some commercial examples I can probably find in Vegas.


6 thoughts on “English IPA Recipe Formulation

  1. lol, you crazy fool :). Sounds good though, i’d definitely like one :). Do you also FedEx them back to NL? When are you coming to visit the low lands again btw?

      • too bad. On the shipping part; sounds good :). Once you’re ready to ship; let me know, and i’ll send you my address. (not posting it online here :P)

        Btw, not sure if you knew already; i’m getting married next year: 12th of Jan in NL, and 2nd of Feb in Brazil. Would love it if you came!

      • I’ll see what I might be able to swing on the wedding front. Otherwise I’ll have to insist your 3rd wedding is in Vegas!

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