The Mission

Grant’s Dictionary defines a BJCP Hero as a homebrewer who has excelled so extensively in his craft as to have attained awards in all 23 of the Beer Judge Certification Program’s style categories (

I assure you that I am no hero right now. I’ve consumed a beer from all 23 categories, but all I have is this beer gut to rest my future awards on.

I have but one lonely trophy from a small homebrewing competition in Houston (that I store a foam pickle in). The trophy has my friend’s address on it. I highly doubt it was BJCP sanctioned.

Before I can win awards for all these beers, I obviously must brew them. Brewing all this beer is almost an entire challenge within itself. Especially when you consider that in my 2 years of brewing I’ve made beers in 8 of the categories (if you include category 23 ‘Specialty Beer’).

Somewhere along the way I’ll need some new equipment to keep my beer colder, as 5 of the categories are lagers. I suspect there will be a number of tries to get some of these styles anywhere close to award-winning caliber, no matter how obscure the competitions I enter are.

I can’t promise I’ll be a caped homebrewing crusader anytime soon, but I can promise along the way to be dedicated in documenting as much as I can. That will include: recipe research & formulation, brew day notes, competition score sheets, humorous insights, etc.

I’ll also be looking to draw on the knowledge of award-winning brewers around me. I’m hopeful interviewees will include local Las Vegas SNAFU brewers, local pros, contacts, other BJCP competition winners, etc.

At the end of the day, I want this project to stand as a potential learning tool for a wide range of homebrewers and also as something I can look back on with pride. Or continue with pride, depending on how long it takes me to reach Super BJCP Hero status.


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